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Our Experienced 9-1-1 Technology Team

Each of our experienced 9-1-1, telecom, network, contact centre and unified communication technology professionals have designed, installed and managed complex technology solutions for at least twenty years.  


We bring a combined total of two hundred and fifty-three years (253) of collective experience to ensure we help you design and select the right next generation 9-1-1 technology solution from the right vendors. (yes, really 253 years!)

We love sharing examples of how we use our experience and expertise to help our clients succeed, and would be happy to provide you with supporting details of our  individual qualifications, education and project experience.

9-1-1 Tech Advisors NG9-1-1 Related Experience Summary:

  • Chief Procurement and Technology Innovation Officer - Roberta J. Fox-Lawson:  Roberta is actively involved in the CRTC NG9-1-1 regulatory committees and the IETF related to RTT standards development.  She regularly presents at MISA, NENA and APCO seminars on next generation NG9-1-1 Unified Communications, VoIP and contact center technology trends.  She recently lead the design, development and deployment of the award winning Canada Suicide Prevention Service national voice, text and chat suicide prevention hotline.  Roberta was also involved in early development of network technology required to support the OnStar vehicle tracking network and operations center with EDS, and has designed and project managed numerous corporate oriented 9-1-1 solutions for large Canadian and US multi-national enterprise organizations.  Her expertise includes the design and development of multi-agency NG9-1-1 strategies and RFPs. 

  • Executive Advisor - Digital Marketing, Human Capital and Innovation Strategies - Susan Dineen, BSc:   Susan provides extensive senior leadership and engagement expertise to 9-1-1 Tech Advisors in the areas of IT strategic planning, human capital evolution and digital innovation.  She develops complex, successful business strategies to deliver outstanding business performance through the innovative use of technology.  Susan is a frequent speaker and author covering topics such as – NG9-1-1,  Skills Gap, Technology Leadership, and Developing and Implementing an effective Telework Programs.

  • Senior Technology Management - Stephen Lawson:  Stephen has lead and managed national and international IT organizations for complex, distributed IT and network environments.  He has also designed numerous next generation unified communications environments, and provides day-to-day technology and vendor support for the distributed 9-1-1 team.

  • NG9-1-1 Expert/Ambassador -  Bill Elliott, B.Com, ENP:  Bill participated in the design, deployment and operations of Bell Canada’s internal 9-1-1 Carrier network. He was actively involved in NENA 9-1-1, and has his ENP designation.  Bill was a committee lead within the CRTC Emergency Services Working Group that establishes NG9-1-1 standards.  He has participated on numerous 9-1-1/omni-channel contact center vendor advisory councils, providing guidance and insight.

  • Senior Government Advisor - Dr. Louis Shallal P. Eng:  Dr. Shallal has been involved in developing IT strategies and leading regional and municipal and federal government organizations for over thirty years.  He leverages his C-Level relationships and strategic planning capabilities to ensure next generation 9-1-1 solutions meet the diverse public, political and internal stakeholder requirements. 

  • Senior Executive Advisor - Finance & Operations - Matthew Little, BA, MBA, CMA, CPA:  Matthew has helped select, deploy and support a broad range of solutions and environments over the past twenty years in both for and not-for-profit sectors.  He has been the lead financial and operational chief executive within health care and not-for-profit organizations leading organizational design, operational efficiency improvements and technology enhancements.  Matthew has extensive corporate experience managing finance and operations, including developing financial models to support key decisions.

  • Senior Consultant and Design Specialist - Patricia Blythe:  Pat has 25 years experience working with Avaya products, teaching design courses for Avaya University and providing design and implementation training to Avaya business partners.  She leverages her big-picture view of operations to assist non-profit, government and enterprise organizations with their contact centre strategies.  Her industry experience enables her to effectively develop architectures and designs in 9-1-1, facilities management, business continuity/disaster recovery planning, system analysis, RFP needs analysis/business requirements, contact centre coaching/training and project management support.

  • Senior Telecom 9-1-1 Engineer - Eugenia Yau P.Eng:  Eugenia has been involved in the design and implementation of multiple police communication telephony solutions in the past.  She is in the process of gaining certification in multiple omni-channel contact center technology areas to supplement her design, analysis and implementation expertise.

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