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9-1-1 and Technology Education Videos & Tips


T9-1-1 is a service available in Canada if you are deaf, hearing or speech impaired and you have registered for the service with your wireless service provider and you have a compatible cell phone. This service provides a  9-1-1 call taker the ability to communicate with you using text messaging. 


To learn how to make a T9-1-1 call, check out this important link.   Please share this with your family too! 

9-1-1 Tech Advisors brings you the latest and best 9-1-1, E9-1-1 and NG9-1-1 videos from around the world to help educate, inform and keep people safe.

T9-1-1 Explained

A simple explanation of T9-1-1 provided by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunicatins Association

This brief video clearly lays out all of the requirements for a subscriber to be able to use the T9-1-1 service.

New Text with 9-1-1 Service for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Speech Impaired Communities

The Cornwall Police Service's dispatch centre offers this new service for members of the DHHSI communities.

The Cornwall Police Service's (CPS) dispatch centre has implemented the new Text with 911 service that allows CPS dispatchers to communicate by text message to the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Speech Impaired (DHHSI) communities via their mobile phones in an emergency. 

It is important to note that Text with 911 is only intended to be used by members of the DHHSI communities, and will not be available for the general public. Voice calling remains the only way to communicate with 911 services for a person who is not deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired.

John Oliver explains 9-1-1 - Late night comedy had to educate us all?

This is excellent 9-1-1 video by John Oliver on 9-1-1, HBO Broadcast

It is interesting that a late night TV show with a comedy spin provided some of the best information on how, why and when you should call 911 number.  


Is this really the role of late night comedy?  In this case, it appears so.   Spread the word!

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai update on Kari's Law

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai on Kari's Law Update

This video provides an update on the FCC program related to the status of Kari's Law.  Video presented by other elected officials and police commissioner. 

Dialing 911 from hotels - It is possible to make it easy to save lives

Why direct dialing 911 from hotels should be standard practice, and now!

Created by Mark Fletcher, ENP, formerly of Avaya - The recommended programming for emergency services in Hotels is to be able to access 911 from any device on the property with or without the use of an access code, such as '9'. This video is designed to raise awareness to hospitality property owners of the potential problems and offer guidance that is in alignment with recommended best practices by NENA, APCO and other industry organizations.

Enterprise E9-1-1, What you absolutely need to know to keep your employees safe!

Video on how to program a company PBX to make 911 dialing work

Mark Fletcher, ENP formerly of Avaya - Handling emergency calls in a building with a PBX doesn't have to be expensive, complex or difficult to implement. Understanding the facts and how the technology works is key to buying the right solution for your business. In this 20 minute overview, Mark Fletcher, ENP will discuss the drivers behind MLTS E9-1-1, how it works, and what needs to be done to provide a level of security and safety for your employees and guests at your facilities. This is applicable to Hotels, Motels, Schools and commercial buildings with PBX telephones systems.

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